Onbijtkoek met Rozijnen/Dutch Breakfast Cake with Raisins


Mmm…lekker onbijtkoek, één van mijn favoriet gemakkelijk ontbijt, snel te eten en snel te verteren, en nu schrijf ook Ik  te snel zonder denken…  Ik moest toch in het Engels schrijven…
Mind my rambling in Dutch… simply typing to quick with  what’s in my mind, I was just saying that this time KBB made me really happy by this month challenge (for you who understands Dutch remind your self that I kind of translate it in  “free-style” 😉 ) host by Lia And Ventin.
Onbijtkoek is Dutch origin breakfast cake which a very popular in both The Netherlands and Indonesia, because of historical backgrounds.
Onbijtkoek it self is an almost ancient traditional farmer spiced cake, which nowdays  it is very easy to  find them commercially/store bought in the Netherlands.
 What I love about this cake, is you can simply eat it anytime of the day, at breakfast or just when you need to snack, put some butter or eat it plain… and then there you have it … perfect piece of indulgence 🙂



Adapted from: Kue-Kue Indonesia.
Yasa Boga-PT Gramedia Jakarta. 2007.

  • 125g palm sugar
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 3 egg whites



mix well:
  • 125g  all pourpose flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • ½  tsp anise powder
  • ¼ tsp clove powder



1. Whisk all egg and palm sugar until thick and risen.
2. Add the flour mix, and fold well.
3. Pour batter to a loaf lined with parchment paper

4. Bake  in a preheat 190’C oven, for 25 minute or until the tester comes out clean


  1. What a delicious looking breakfast and what an interesting combination of flavors – palm sugar and all those spices. I love stuff like this.

  2. Oh Zita, the spices sound marvellous! It must be very light with all the egg.

  3. ikutan nyicip onbijtkoek yang disini ya Zit, photonya cakep.

  4. lol … love your ontbijtkoek :-)!! Dus je spreekt Nederlands, leuk :-)!! Fijn weekend! ^^ XOXO

  5. You almost scared me there, I thought you had changed your blog language, lol! Yumy cake, of course I would eat it at any time, not only at breakfast!

  6. Belanda sekaleee..props ikut mendukung..sayang aku kurang doyan onbitjkoek..ku kirim ke Mba Zita aja yaa..:-)

  7. Setuju sama mrs vijay… propsnya mendukung sekali…keren… aku dah gak kepikiran kesono dweh kikikikkk

  8. mba, propsnya asik banget nih. Fotonya jugaaa…

  9. tosss deh sesama penggemar ontbijtkoek 🙂

  10. You made me discover a new cake. This looks so yummy.

  11. That would be my kind of breakfast!
    Adorable photo too!

  12. mmmmmmmmmh, i’m looking for a dutch breakfast cake recipe, this sounds yummie, but I live in Ireland and can’t get palm sugar, what do you think would be the best substitute? brown sugar? muscovado? could i put golden syrup in? i used to live near the dutch-german border and loved the ‘Bolletje Kandiskuchen’ which is just store bought, but of course here I can’t get it… so i thought i’d like to make some!

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