Scallion Cream Cheese Viennese


From the last post I still half batch extra Viennese dough, my craving still hasn’t move from the cheese area… this time I used cream cheese to fill in the dough kneaded in scallions.I’m a scallions addict I eat chopped scallions with almost everything savory 🙂

If you dont like the strong aroma you can opted the scallions with chives.


I’m sending the above picture to Jugalbandi for CLICK-August



  1. I love savory pastries! Those look fantastic!



  2. Yummie, this pastries with cream cheese look so tasty…nice pictures!

  3. lovely ^^!!! XOXO

  4. Cheese and onion is so beautiful together. Lovely pastries!

  5. Love the idea of the savoury pastry. Delicious!

  6. Great idea… cheese and pastry work wonders together, how can u go wrong? Now u have me craving pastries….

  7. that sounds like a fabulous combination! I absolutely love your photos 🙂

  8. These are delicious yummy pastries. I love scallion too, and love the savory cheese snacks. Lovely entry for click too.

  9. I love scallions, but I’d probably have to cook them first to take some of their bite out. They look beautiful!

  10. I like both scallions and chives !
    Your photos are always so inspiring and your recipes excellent !
    do you think this would work with cottage cheese or it wouldn’t be dense/creamy enough ?

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