Banana Cherry Ricotta Ice Cream for Rita


The last but not least on the series is  a world citizen, Rita from Clumbsy Cookie. She not only talented but her ideas… sometimes just make you wonder, maybe she came from another planet.. 😀 She’s kind, happy go lucky person and I think she loves the beach as much as I do. I could go on braging about her but the fact she even has an admirer who host a full blog dedicated to her… says it all 😉

For Rita, I made Banana and Cherry Chunks Ricotta Ice-cream.. andtake make my word this combinations is soooo delicious… and if you want to try my favorite ice cream from Rita’s recipe, you can read it here.


What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
 Do my hands count as  gadget? I love to use them! Other than that I can’t actually choose just one! It’s a close tie between my stand mixer, my digital scale, my microplane grater and my scraper!

What are your favorite drinks?
Besides water, I love lattes and milkshakes.
What is your favorite dessert?
My favourite thing to eat is probably ice cream! But I can’t pick one!
What are your favorite  herbs/spices?
I adore herbs and spices! I’ll pick rosemary, basil, thyme and mint for the herbs and tonka beans, cardamom, vanilla, cinammon and chinese 5 spice for the spices.
What are your favorite fruits?
Cherries! Also bananas, strawberries and pineapple.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh that is so nice Zita! I love the ice cream and I really REALLY wish I could have a taste! So you do this for me and then I can’t even taste it! That’s sad… Lol! I love the green cone, I’ve never seen one before, so apropriate for me, ahahah! Thanks again Zita, this is great!

  2. Another interesting interview! That ice cream looks soooo good!



  3. I love the comment about using your hands! It’s definitely more fun than a gadget. Ricotta icecream sounds beautifully creamy.

  4. What an interesting combination of flavours! I never would have thought those up.

  5. I love how the ice-cream’s melting, and look oh-so tempting! Great combination flavour! 🙂

  6. I must try in summer!

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