Dates Financiers


 This month  life question is… when is “enough is enough”? 🙂 …  I wanted to start with my annual spring cleaning… and wanted to start from the kitchen… as I looked at inside all of my kitchen cupboard… they are all full… full with props and actual kitchen utensils/ware.

For my wardrobe I have a system that has been working… one in one out, buy one new dress and give away or donate one old dress  … but with kitchen stuff I only want more and more…and more…no giving away or throwing away or any other “away” what so ever :p

After Brioche mold, I want Madeleinesmold after that I got barquete mold … and I’m still wishing to have  the rectangle financiers mold… and after… who knows what else…

I really need a system… otherwise I can’t move in my full kitchen… can anybody help me?


I used Dorie Greenspaan’s recipe from here, the only thing I changed, is I used ghee instead of butter, as traditional financiers use Beurre noisette in the recipe.

  1. This looks delicious. Glad I found your blog.

  2. Zita….kereeeeen photo2nya suka banget, kesannya lembut. Kuenya pengen nyomot

    • shesimmers
    • May 20th, 2009

    How to organize and declutter the kitchen? You’ve got no help from me, Zita. I’m up to my neck in all the molds and pans, some of which haven’t been used since George W. Bush was president. But I can help you eat these financiers!

  3. I totally understand you in regards to kitchen gadgets…I am the same way…the date financiers looks great…yum yum! Great pictures as well. By the way, thank you for visiting my site.

  4. i can understand how you feel. i, too, would like to buy more and more kitchenwares/tools if only possible. Really, you just have to organize your stuff according to its use.. but who am i to tell you, i need to organize my stuff myself.. lol!

  5. those financiers look superdelicious 🙂 … and, oh well, you can never ever have enough kitchen stuff :P! XOXO

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