Cherry Egg Whites Cake


After my burnt matcha cherry creme brulee, I have some left over cherry conserved and lot of egg whites, by me not being in the mood for suspense, I was looking for a cake recipe with a lot of egg whites. Thought about making an angel food cake, but the dryness of the cake kind of puts me off.

Then, I found this fantastic recipe,  egg whites cake but with  a little of baking powder & butter… simply perfect.  All of what I did extra was adding some cherry conserved for some colour and sourness (to balance the strong egg-y flavor 🙂 )


  1. Well doesn’t that look so pretty? I sounds like a perfect balance.

  2. Beautiful Zita…I love the idea of using up eggwhites this well. fruit always gets my vote! YUM!

  3. is it cherry season there? oh I can’t wait any longer.
    delish recipe too.

  4. That looks so pretty, Zita! I’ve always wondered of ways to use up egg whites besides angel food cakes and meringues. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  5. A delightful cake! It really looks good!



  6. A cake with cherries is for sure perfect for the 1st day of Spring!

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