Green Wheat Soup/Shorabat’l Freekeh

In this hot weather I like to eat everything light and small (but often 😉 ), So this Freekeh soup is a nice substitute for a heavy lunch… simple but yet satisfying, you can eat it warm or at room temperature.

The taste of Freekeh is somewhat in between rice and mung-beans, sweet-salty, chewy, grainy but without the bold and heavy tastes of wheat.


  • 600gr Freekeh/Green wheat
  • 1kg Lamb
  • 1Medium Onion (chopped)
  • 3lt Water (approx)
  • Salt & pepper


  1. Wash freekeh, drain, set aside
  2. Boil lamb in 1,5 lt water in an uncovered pressure cooker (until just boiled), drain, boil the freekeh, lamb, onion, salt and pepper together with the new 1,5 lt water, cover the pot, cook 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. Served with bread

Now, let’s jump to the next topic below….

Home Food Photography #3: Studio

It’s time for HFP#3, with theme “Show Me your Studio”… say What??? What studio???… For me it’s just a spot  with some coffee tables and the good old Mr.Sun. I’m lucky because my living room gets the morning and afternoon sun…I took most of my food pictures there. so here are before and after pics of my  “studio”. Living by the basics… who needs studio anyway in this era of super advanced “Photoshop” 😉 …which I don’t have either… so what do I have? Ummm… FOOD!!! 😀

  1. iya ya, si Freekeh ini kayak campuran nasi sama mung beans. Rasanya kayak apa ya? Resep supnya simple bgt ya ;).

    Makasih entry-nya, sudah diterima dengan baik. Hihihihi… di pinggir jendela emang andalan!

  2. keren booo studio potonya kekeekk…

    sama aja kaya aku um…ambil photo senenge pake latar di balik jendela…tp punyaku hasilnya msh gag oke :mrgreen:

    btw nanya dwong…heavy cream yg dl mba critain tuh maksudnya whipping cream yg cair ya?? yg bentuknya kaya coconut milk gitu??
    arrgghhh oon nih aku klo urusan istilah perbakingan 😦

  3. Hi Zita,
    I like your blog a lot! Very nice recipes. I love Freekeh, I’m gonna post my recipe soon too. When I go to Amman I buy Freekeh from the old souk and lots of spices and herbs that I bring back with me 🙂

  4. Hi Zita, pa kabar?

    • barefootster
    • July 24th, 2008

    Hi Zita, salam kenal ya… sama banget, sbelum punya softbox paling seru ngejar2 matahari pagi deket jendela, kalo siang dah terlalu kuning dan sore dah terlalu biru….

  5. I agree, sunlight is the best but I could not live without my macro lens and flash, which is main source of the light for me… I take lots of pictures in the evening…. and yes, Photoshop! I could not live without it 😉

    Very nice site! Greetings, Margot

  6. we have a great variety of hand tools at home, we always buy it from the local home depot`

  1. October 12th, 2010

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