Coffee Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache

What’s for breakfast today? Macarooooooon…. qiqiiiq, I’m SAHM with a baby and a pre-schooler (on holidays) I need the sugar boost every morning 😉 , actually I wanted to make this, but my dh forgot to buy pistachio last night (although I specifically asked him to please bring some pistachio home, after work 😦  )

So I made a turn to this, trying to expand my “macaron making skill”… daring another recipe… I think once you succeed, you’ll be coming back for more.

I made sure that the white eggs “aged” well, leaved them over night AND zapped them in the microwave for 10 secs, I don’t have oven thermometer, but I try to touch the door of my gas oven just to make sure if its warm enough. I also  literally watch my macarons from the beginning I baked them in (like a child looking behind the candy shop window), making sure that they showed their “legs” in 5 minutes ( I red somewhere, that if they don’t, you can stop baking because it means that your macarons are doomed)

I’m happy with the legs, but not so much with the dof  (un-smooth) top shell’s surfaces.

The process of learning still going on…

    • ven
    • June 18th, 2008

    itu headernya kenafa um..

    yaelaaah yg ketagihan bikin maskarun suitt..suittt…

    aku mo bikin pikir2 lagi…msh alesan yg sama *takut gagal* secara harga almond kan muahaal bgt…kekekekek..*ngelesdotcom*

    coba aja setengah resep dulu, ven… mumpung harga almond gak semahal di indo 🙂

  1. sip sip bikin lagi hehehe

    i am tagging you with music meme, zit. here’s the link:

    Iya neh jd keranjingan jg, tiap beli telur baru yg dipikirin koq macarons terus, thank’s for tagging me 🙂

  2. This is breakfast? Oh, my! I can’t wait to see what’s for lunch!
    It took me about 3 minutes before I figured out what SAHM meant. Your kiddie-less friend, Susan. 😉

    I have usually a “light” lunch, Susan 😉

  3. Um… Kaya’nya cocok buat lebaran nih…

    wah gak bisa yakhti, soalnya kalo udah di”filling” harus buru2 dimakan kalo gak melempes 🙂

  4. Oh ke sini toh Umi pindahan
    bagus juga rumahnya
    penuh makanan
    gak sia2 donk kalo bertandang ke sana
    bisa makan2 🙂

    boleh… tapi kapan saya diundang makan mie “janda”?

  5. lempar dooong setopleeeessss 😉

    mampir niy zit…sambil nyuci & elap2 debu dirumah.
    pakabar um???

    dah balik loe cha? kapan berangkat ke St.Cathrine? sekalian rumah mertoku dilap jg…qiqiq…

  6. ya ampuuun..bikin ngiler bgt deh..btw um Ib..itu tuh kata2 pertamana sama bgt..asli deh, aku padahal baru liat blognya um Ib..hahaha..
    what’s for breakfast today???..

    makanya sering2 ditengok dong blogku 😉 eh naz di Albert heijn kan jual telur mentah yg udah di”pasteurized”, gampang disana mah bikin tiramisu, mascarponnya jg gak semahal disini, beli jadi di Bijenkorf jg enak… eh Groningen ada Bijnkorf gak yah? lupa 😉

  7. Yummy! And the chocolate filling makes them even more special, love coffee and chocolate combo!

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