Tropical Punch

Summer time... Summer heat, when I need something  to “cool off”, this is my perfect choice.

I am in a  tropical island, under the coconut trees, on a hammock, beside the sea, drinking this tropical punch..and then… suddenly I wake up!!!…oh no, where am I? In the dessert??? Ah… Thank God I still got the “drink” 😉

This is also my entry for the fruit of the month – AFAM: Coconut, host by Tasty Palettes



  • 400 ml Coconut milk
  • 400 gr Jack fruits
  • 200 gr Lychee
  • 200 gr Fruits cocktail
  • 200 gr Sweet condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp Grenadine syrup
  • 200 ml Sprite
  • Ice cubes


Mix all the Ingredients together in a big bowl, chill, drink with a couple of ice cubes

  1. Ziiitaaaaaa…. enak banget nih mesti aku coba, bahannya semua ada kecuali grenadine syrup….berarti gak semua ada hihihihi…..
    disini lagi dingin zit, tetep aja abis makan dicari yg berbuah-buah kayak gini. grenadine sama dg apa donk aku adanya marjan ?

    sebenernya sirop apa aja bisa, gak pake sirop juga enak ;), aku seneng grenadine karena ada asem2nya, kalo marjan manis kan? (rose?)

  2. Oh, Zita, the soft colors in that first pic are just gorgeous.

  3. Ini juga cucok buat lebaran nih..
    Santennya bisa diganti susu dong???

  4. huehehehehe … jd inget gw minum kelapa …. ngebayanginnya lg di indonesaaah… cuma apa daya…semuanya hanya lah hayalan belaka…hiks

  5. wow this looks good!!1

  6. Thanks for all this information. I think you produce very
    valid points and I accept you and appreciate them. You’ve completed a terrific job
    with expressing yourself in phrases.

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