Rose Macarons with Vanilla Yogurts Butter Cream

Like Arfi said, that we in the KBB have been struggling with macarons,  thank’s to Dita, who made this as an informal challenge for us.

I wanted to make it actually for two reasons, first  because I miss Paris… it has been like what??? 7 years since last time… it used to be one of my favorite weekend getaways when I lived in Holland, secondly I miss my only sister,  last time I met her, was in London, before she departed for her honeymoon to Italy, almost 1 and half years ago… My baby sister (27 years old, not so “baby” anymore but still a baby sister to me 😛 ) loves Macarons.

So this pictures of macarons have 2 titles too, one : My sister and Me, two : Paris & Me 😀

As for the recipe I used  “the one” from  Tartellete’s , but I “studied” many recipes and watched a couple of movies to  prepare my self for the “battle” 😉 It’s my first time, it’s far away from perfect, even from the same batch I put half  on the silpat, came out with legs, the other half on baking paper they cracked…. and piping it out, I know for sure I need a lot of practices in that area too 🙂 but for the mean time I just enjoy those macaroon’s legs 🙂

Oh… and, I used rose water flavor for the shells and simply vanilla and a tablespoon of hard yogurts (lebaneh) to give a bit of sour taste to the butter cream.


UPDATE: I’m sending this as my entry to the Mad for macarons in May, because I think Helen of Tartelette should get a present for allowing us all to use her recipes 🙂

  1. uuhhuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! tepok tangan yang meriah!! You did it!!! Selamat ya. Makasih udah menambah semangat diriku.

    • ven
    • June 10th, 2008

    huwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!plok..plok…nambahin tepok tgnnya mba dita biar tambah rameee.

    salute!!!perjuangan yg hebaaaat

    eheeeem yg udah icip2 macarons…bikin ngiri aje

    • ven
    • June 10th, 2008

    um…permukaannya muluuus bgt…wes..wes..sakseiss berat niyyy

  2. hello, salam kenal mampir2 gk sengaja ketemu disini. waduh itu macaroons nya cantik bener! belum pernah bikin sih gw takut gagal euy.

  3. aih macaronnya bener bener bulet dan mulus lus luss…

  4. waaahhhh, ini sich sukses marsukses nich…..

  5. Ah sukses banget macaroonya !!! Mulus, licin dan… berkaki!!!
    Jadi pengen bikin lagi… hiks tp ga punya silpat >_< *no hope*

  6. WP masih ditutup Zit, kaga bisa ngasih koment nih (yang membangun )..he..he

  7. mbak zitaaa nanya dong kira2 merk soft cream yg buat decorating cake di jordan adanya apa ya….sapa tau ada di mesir coz kmrn nyari crisco trnyt d sini ada.

    tengkyu ya

  8. well done, zit! qiqiqiq… lovely colour! turns out beautifully!

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