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Home Food Photography #2: Properties mania (Gila Properti!)

This is an Photography event host by a very talented lady, who has a very large collection of cute kitchen’s gadgets, mine is nothing compare to hers 🙂 … but still the things that I have are very dear to me.

Half of properties I have are presents (it’s a custom for women here in middle east to bring presents when they visit others), so in a way each one of them remind me of my friends/relatives, the other half are fruits of my retail therapy (for whatever that means…lol).

I join this event to make a kind of  fun inventory of what I own and what I still want need ( don’t tell my dh, he ‘ll “kill” me if he knows that I still want to buy kitchen’s things).

  1. Many thanks for calling by my blog and lovely to *see* you! You have a most wonderful blog here! Just adore your pics and I agree always something us girls need for the kitchen 😀

    your blog is full of great recipes, please call by mine often 🙂

  2. wow… nice blog here… salam kenal zita, I’ll post my inventories soon my computer fixed, asyik juga ya nginventary barang kita hahah…bisa-bisa double beli lagi klo kesimpen di kabinet yg paling dalam. Anyway kamu tinggal dimana ? sekalian permios aku subscribe ya

    hope your pc will be fixed soon, can’t wait to see your collection… ma’kasih ya udah subscribe 🙂

  3. I love the lovely orange, starter dish. The pictures are pretty.

    Thank’s, it mean’s a lot coming from you 🙂

  4. hehehe… mirip mertua gw loe… demen ngumpulin pralatan2 ginian:D

    iye… tapi gw mah ngumpulin buat dipake, gak kaya mertua loe buat disimpen doang 😛

  5. cuantiiiik bgt propertinya….yg gag kuku hasil jepretannya itu lho…bikin ngiri ajaaa.

    Um…itu ngegabung2 poto kayak begitu pake photo editor apaan .
    heheh oon mode:on niyyy

    ma’acih, itu cuma pake gratisan di

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