Happy Day Confetti Cake

I don’t actually do birthday, because I feel like that I  don’t need birthday to do special things and also in another hand I want to stay far away from a “getting older” reminder (LOL),  but anyhow today is literally my birthday.

My son’s birthday is coming up up after 2 weeks, but on that week his school is already “fully booked” for so many events, so I decided to bring the cake today to the school.  I want just to keep it simple with small gestures (“ONLY” giving cake and candy to his friends). I think he will later cherish the moment when we “made” the cake together more than if I  had make for him an extravagant birthday party.

Now go back to the cake, even though I joined the Daring Bakers after the Dorie’s Perfect Party Cake  challenge, but I always thought about that I would make it in one day. That day then was yesterday, made the recipe only in two layers with almond flavor, vanilla buttercream, instead of jam I used caramel syrup, and finished off with buttercream and dark chocolate glazed (with extra liquorice on top).

  1. enaaaaaaaak bgt keliatannya..lg butuh yg manis2 niy.
    cieh..yg sdg getting older… kekekek…

    kool sana w ente tayyeba madame

    • tiffanyorkin
    • May 14th, 2008

    Tiffy Orkin: Who could complain about that?! 😉
    That’s so cute!

  2. Happy birthday! How nice that you and your son baked this cake together. Maybe he will grow up to be a chef!

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